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Tax litigation, your rights and resolving tax controversies

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For many residents in Texas, their only tax interaction of concern is when they file their taxes in April. This can be a very routine and procedural process; however, it could be the process that leads to questions and concerns by the IRS.

Being audited can make anyone feel vulnerable. This process could bring about various tax controversies, leaving you concerned and confused. As such, it is important to understand your tax situation and claims so you can fully explore your rights and legal options to resolve the matter.

Tax controversies

Being contacted by the IRS can be an overwhelming experience. And if tax issues are asserted, you are likely confused about the claims and how to proceed. At the law firm of David Coffin PLLC, our attorneys have experience in all levels of tax controversies. Thus, our firm has a reputation for helping our clients reach a favorable resolution for all types of tax litigation matters.

As an individual, family or business owner, you may be the recipient of a notice of an audit by the IRS or a letter from the IRS requesting additional information. This is often a foreign experience, causing most to not fully understand what steps to take or the process that will follow.

Whether you are being audited, appealing an IRS audit, fighting IRS collection activities or seeking to take your tax law matter to court, a legal professional can help explain you situation, clarify any requirements and legal procedures and outline all available options to resolve the matter.

Tax litigation and resolutions

When an audit takes place, the basis is often related to the deduction and expenses claimed by the taxpayer. If a tax deficiency is alleged, then it is likely a notice of collection will be issued and sent to you.

Tax law matters can be far more complex than you realize, making it important that you understand your rights and options when it comes to filing an appeal or moving forward with litigation.