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“Dealing with the IRS is never an enjoyable experience, especially when you owe them money. For years, I dealt with the burden of a debt I felt was insurmountable due to a change in my income level. David guided me through the offer in compromise process rather effortlessly. He kept me well-informed throughout the process and eventually succeeded in getting my offer accepted. I ended up settling the entire debt for less than 5% of the original amount owed. I don’t know how he did it, but I will be forever grateful to David for helping put that chapter of my life behind me. Thanks David!”

“I experienced a business failure and had several years of back taxes. David quickly, courteously and expertly assessed what would and wouldn’t be dischargeable. He was 100% correct. All has been resolved. I thank God for David‘s help”

David Coffin is a man of integrity and honesty. He walked me through every step of my tax problems so I could understand what to expect, how we were going to deal with my problems and what solutions were available. Once I found David Coffin I stopped worrying and knew this was a person who would protect me and keep me informed, he has exceeded my expectations. I would recommend David Coffin to anyone who wanted quick, affordable, and superior representation for all your tax problems.

“I had a complex tax matter relating to employment taxes from a former business that I owned. David helped me reach a very favorable settlement with the IRS for much less than they said I owed. I was so happy for David‘s help because I can now put this behind me and move on with my life. I cannot recommend him highly enough. He kept me well informed and was able to accomplish what we discussed in our first meeting. Very knowledgeable in tax law.”