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It is no secret that the Internal Revenue Service has vast powers to enforce the tax code and collect federal taxes. If you or your business has been contacted by the IRS for a tax-related problem, you likely have many questions. You have options to resolve your IRS tax controversy. Seeking the advice and representation of a knowledgeable, experienced tax attorney is the first step in protecting your future.

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David Coffin is an attorney and certified public accountant with more than two decades of experience in IRS tax law. He is a former Trial Attorney for the Department of Justice, Tax Division, where he represented the IRS, and earned a reputation as a formidable trial lawyer handling some of the largest and most complex tax cases for the IRS. His deep knowledge of financial matters fortifies his extensive experience in tax law, IRS rules and federal tax procedures in effectively resolving IRS problems, including:

  • Audits and appeals. David Coffin, J.D., CPA, often provides clients with representation in IRS audits, ranging from providing strategic guidance in responding to requests in correspondence audits to meeting with IRS Examiners face to face. The firm aggressively defends individuals facing tough IRS tax controversies, beginning with tax audits and will take a case to trial when necessary to protect his clients' interests.
  • Options to resolve IRS disputes without trial. Attorney David Coffin will analyze your specific financial picture and provide sound advice on whether resolving an IRS dispute without litigation is in your best interests. He has a deep understanding of the various tax payment options, including an offer in compromise, entering into an installment agreement or reducing liability through abatement or waiver of penalties.
  • Payroll tax issues. The firm has represented many clients facing payroll tax issues, which inevitably involve the trust fund recovery penalty.
  • Individual income tax return omissions or errors. Failing to pay self-employment taxes, failing to file a return or errors in tax returns can create tax liability for individual taxpayers. David Coffin draws upon his experience and knowledge as a CPA and tax lawyer to assist individuals in resolving individual income tax matters.

Many other attorneys throughout Texas refer clients to the firm for bankruptcy analysis and advice related to the complicated interplay and differences between tax and bankruptcy law.

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