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It’s a drag and a hassle and sometimes downright scary trying to deal with the IRS on your own. If you or your business has been contacted by the IRS, you likely have questions. Each situation is different, but it’s important to know options exist to resolve your tax issues. Seeking the advice and representation of a knowledgeable, experienced tax attorney is the first step in protecting your future.

With offices in Southlake, David Coffin PLLC, serves clients throughout the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex, across Texas and nationwide. Founding tax attorney David Coffin has more than two decades of tax law experience and is also a certified public accountant. Prior to private practice, he was a Trial Attorney for the Department of Justice, Tax Division, where he represented the IRS. Attorney Alejo Pacini also has experience working for the IRS and has a master’s degree in tax. We will use our knowledge to find a smart solution to your tax issue.

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Firm’s Mission Statement

At David Coffin PLLC, we are known not only for the smart solutions we provide, but for our excellent client service. We will take your problems on our shoulders and be direct and honest about the likelihood of reaching a positive result customized to your specific situation. This means working as efficiently as possible to resolve a tax situation while being available to answer your questions. We will work with a game plan and strategy in mind that we will create in consultation with you, keeping in mind your unique goals and needs.

Core Values

Integrity :

We will be honest, trustworthy, respectful and ethical in our actions. We will honor our commitments and are accountable for our actions, successes and failures.

Client focus :

We will spend the time necessary to fully understand our client’s tax issues, challenges, objectives and goals and to maximize the value of our services to our clients. We will look “under the hood” to determine all approaches and solutions to resolving our client’s tax situation in the most favorable manner.

Intellectual High Level Review :

We will be meticulous in our attention to detail. However, we will use our practical experiences and expertise to develop a high level game plan that is specifically tailored to reach the absolute best result possible for our client’s particular situation.

Collaboration :

We will see, share and respect different ideas and will function as a team with our colleagues, clients and other professionals engaged by our clients. We will openly communicate all relevant information consistently and constructively.

Positive Excellence :

We will keep a positive and optimistic attitude for attainable goals and will relentlessly pursue outstanding results in everything we do.

Resolving A Wide Variety Of Tax Problems

An in-depth knowledge of IRS rules and federal tax procedures is required to effectively resolve IRS issues. These are some representative types of cases, we handle:

Audits and appeals –

From strategic guidance in responding to correspondence audits to face-to-face examinations, our attorneys and professionals protect your interests. When a tough IRS tax controversy cannot be resolved at the audit stage, we will take your case to trial and/or appeal to fight for the best possible outcome.

IRS settlement, penalty abatement and installment agreements –

We can negotiate offers in compromise, workable installment agreements and waivers of penalties and interest to the extent your case qualifies for each type of resolution.

Payroll tax issues –

Many small business get behind on payroll taxes when their companies suffer ash flow issues. These issues inevitably involve the Trust Fund Recovery Penalty (the 100 percent penalty). We can explain your options to limit the shareholders’ and officers’ personal liability and assist the company in reaching a resolution.

Tax return omissions or errors –

Self-employment tax mistakes or unfiled returns? We can help find a solution before the issue compounds over several years.

Many other attorneys throughout Texas refer clients to the firm for bankruptcy analysis and advice related to the complicated interplay and differences between tax and bankruptcy law.

“Dealing with the IRS is never an enjoyable experience, especially when you owe them money. For years, I dealt with the burden of a debt I felt was insurmountable due to a change in my income level. David guided me through the offer in compromise process rather effortlessly. He kept me well-informed throughout the process and eventually succeeded in getting my offer accepted. I ended up settling the entire debt for less than 5% of the original amount owed. I don’t know how he did it, but I will be forever grateful to David for helping put that chapter of my life behind me. Thanks David!”
“I experienced a business failure and had several years of back taxes. David quickly, courteously and expertly assessed what would and wouldn’t be dischargeable. He was 100% correct. All has been resolved. I thank God for David’s help”
“David Coffin is a man of integrity and honesty. He walked me through every step of my tax problems so I could understand what to expect, how we were going to deal with my problems and what solutions were available. Once I found David Coffin I stopped worrying and knew this was a person who would protect me and keep me informed, he has exceeded my expectations. I would recommend David Coffin to anyone who wanted quick, affordable, and superior representation for all your tax problems.”
“I had a complex tax matter relating to employment taxes from a former business that I owned. David helped me reach a very favorable settlement with the IRS for much less than they said I owed. I was so happy for David’s help because I can now put this behind me and move on with my life. I cannot recommend him highly enough. He kept me well informed and was able to accomplish what we discussed in our first meeting. Very knowledgeable in tax law.”

Client Review

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Dealing with the IRS is rarely a pleasant experience. Back taxes can feel like a storm cloud that won’t go away.

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