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Individual Income Taxes

Representation In Individual Income Tax Matters

The Internal Revenue Service is a powerful agency. Its rules and regulations are voluminous, and the consequences of failing to adhere to the rules and regulations are severe. If you have not complied with federal tax laws, it is unwise to hope for the best or wait until you are discovered. It is important that you retain an experienced income tax lawyer who can navigate the complicated system of rules and regulations and advocate strongly for you to obtain the best result possible for your situation.

Through David Coffin PLLC in Southlake, Texas, David Coffin, J.D., C.P.A., provides legal advice and representation to individuals who have issues with the IRS. You may have not filed income tax returns. You may have filed income taxes incorrectly or incompletely. You may have accrued unpaid income tax over many years or, through no fault of your own, been unable to pay the taxes due.

Whatever your circumstances, Mr. Coffin can guide you through the complicated process and provide you with a game plan and, hopefully, some light at the end of the tunnel.

Income Tax Audit And IRS Collections | Attorney Serving The Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex And Surrounding Counties

David Coffin assists his clients in situations involving:

  • IRS audits and appeals. Internal Revenue Service audits can be a minefield of unexpected results. Mr. Coffin provides credible representation in a manner that gets the best and most efficient results for his clients. He handles all cases from the initial audit through the appeals process, and to federal court if necessary.
  • IRS liens and levies. IRS collection activities represent a large portion of Mr. Coffin‘s practice. Whether the IRS is attempting to collect from a client locally through a revenue officer or through the automated collection system (ACS), he provides his clients with options giving them the outlook and certainty they need.
  • Offers in compromise. The offer in compromise program was established to help qualified taxpayers settle for less than the full amount of tax due. Mr. Coffin has prepared many offers in compromise that were accepted. He remains current on ever-changing tax laws while ensuring that his clients’ offers in compromise are complete, detailed and representative of their financial circumstances. Retain his law firm, and he will work to determine if you qualify, and, if so, will prepare an offer in compromise the IRS can accept.
  • Installment agreements. If a tax debt is too great for a person to pay at once, the IRS is usually willing to enter into an installment agreement for unpaid taxes. However, the IRS may request financial information from the taxpayer before entering into an installment agreement, and there are certain traps and pitfalls that each taxpayer should be aware of before providing that information. Mr. Coffin negotiates the lowest payment possible that his clients are comfortable making. However, he always advises his clients to make the largest payments possible to avoid the accrual of penalties and interest.
  • Bankruptcy tax issues. Bankruptcy is one way to deal with tax issues, but the rules involving bankruptcy and federal taxes are very complex. Mr. Coffin has substantial experience with tax issues in bankruptcy and has spoken to groups of bankruptcy attorneys on this topic. He is careful to help his clients avoid the many traps concerning taxes in bankruptcy.

Don’t Wait! Your IRS Collections Defense Starts Now.

Many of David Coffin‘s clients unwittingly underpaid taxes for several years and have had a hard time catching up. Often, they received certified correspondence from the IRS in the form of letter L1058 or CP504 informing them of an unpaid tax bill.

This can happen easily. Many of Mr. Coffin‘s clients are self-employed and handle their own taxes. While not all such filers pay insufficient tax, many do not make estimated tax payments during the year. Often, the IRS does not notice that a tax filing or payment is late until several years after the due date. This is, in part, due to the large volume of tax filings the IRS receives each year. By the time IRS discovers that taxpayers have taxes due, the amounts can be significant.

Mr. Coffin urges anyone who is being pursued by the IRS to contact an experienced tax attorney immediately. If you wait until the IRS has started collection activities, your options could be severely limited.

Representing You Against The IRS

As your IRS controversy attorney, David Coffin will meet you face to face, so you can talk through the issues and review the paperwork. You can discuss your options and likely outcomes given those options. If you hire Mr. Coffin, he will analyze your tax documents and finances, review your assets, and determine how much you actually owe. Then he will recommend the best options for your circumstances.

For more information about how attorney David Coffin can help you resolve your individual income tax issue, contact him online at David Coffin PLLC in Southlake, Texas. You may also call him at 817-756-1792.