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If you have missed the deadline to appeal an IRS audit or if the appeal produced an adverse result, you still have legal options. Tax litigation is a complex process and having an experienced attorney in federal district court tax litigation is crucial in protecting your future. Tax litigation can occur in different courts, and each court has different benefits, depending on the individual circumstances of your tax dispute.

David Coffin served as a Department of Justice trial attorney for more than 10 years representing the IRS in district court and bankruptcy court. He has devoted his entire career of more than two decades to tax law. His legal experience and knowledge as a CPA are powerful assets for taxpayers who have a dispute with the IRS.

A taxpayer may seek to reverse a tax liability determination before a jury in federal district court. Determining which forum to litigate tax issues with the Internal Revenue Service takes complex analysis of the legal dispute, your resources and the potential benefits and risks associated with tax litigation.

Taxpayers who choose to pursue a lawsuit in federal district court, like in the Court of Federal Claims, must first pay the full tax assessment before filing suit in court. There are reasons why pursuing this route is more beneficial than going to another court. There are also times when the IRS refers a tax case to the Department of Justice, Tax Division, to pursue collection in federal district court. David Coffin, J.D., CPA, has years of experience in litigating cases in federal district court, and will handle a taxpayer’s matter with the expertise taxpayers deserve.

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