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When the IRS asserts that you owe money it has several powerful tools to collect. The federal government will notify taxpayers of their tax liability. If the taxpayer does not take steps to address the tax liability, the IRS could attach levies against bank accounts, garnish wages and place liens on property. The IRS can take your money to collect on back taxes if you did not file a return.

If the IRS is seeking to place liens or levies on your assets or wages, you still have options to resolve the tax controversy. The law firm of David Coffin PLLC in Southlake, Texas, represents wage earners, contractors, professionals and people from all walks of life in resolving complicated tax collection matters with the IRS.

A Trusted Lawyer With More Than 20 Years Of Experience In Tax Law

IRS collections attorney David Coffin is experienced in tax law and dedicates his entire practice to helping residents of Texas resolve IRS tax problems with practical legal solutions tailored to the interests of the law firm’s clients. He will diligently review your entire financial situation and guide you through the steps necessary toward obtaining a practical solution to your tax problem.

Tax collection issues may be complicated by years of unfiled tax returns. Self-employed workers may find excessive tax liability at the end of the year after missing estimated tax payments. The IRS uses its sources to determine whether these self-employed workers have income, and then prepares a tax return on their behalf with no deductions or expenses, leading to hugely overstated taxes, penalties and interest due. The IRS then attempts to collect that overstated debt, and if taxpayers do not respond, the IRS could file liens and serve levies on bank accounts and wages.

If the IRS is planning to levy your bank account, garnish wages or place liens on your property, Mr. Coffin will analyze your situation and advise you whether an IRS due process collection hearing is appropriate to protect your interests, or whether other resolution options are a better fit.

If the IRS has already starting collection efforts, you need the assistance of an experienced tax controversy attorney to protect your financial future. There may be payment plans available to resolve your tax dispute. Mr. Coffin is experienced in analyzing tax liability and offering advice on whether bankruptcy is a viable option. His experience in tax law is fortified by his trial-proven skills in challenging the IRS in court.

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