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IRS Penalty Abatement Or Waiver

Tax debts owed to the Internal Revenue Service come in all sizes. In some cases, a taxpayer may have good reasons for failing to file a tax return, or for being unable to timely make the tax payment. For some taxpayers, the penalties on a tax debt can be a cause of great concern. The penalties and interest that accumulate over time can cause a great deal of stress and anxiety.

Reducing Or Eliminating IRS Tax Penalties For Reasonable Cause

At the law office of David Coffin PLLC in Southlake, Texas, the goal is to help taxpayers in Texas obtain practical solutions for their IRS tax problems, tailored to the best interests of each client. Lawyer Coffin is well-versed in all aspects of tax law. If a taxpayer exercised ordinary care and still could not pay the tax on time, it may be possible to have the IRS reduce or entirely remove the tax penalty.

IRS penalty abatement or waiver is an important principle in the Tax Code that is easy for unrepresented taxpayers to overlook. Attorney David Coffin has experience in successfully obtaining full or partial abatement relief for clients who accrued tax liability for reasons other than willful neglect.

If you are experiencing IRS tax problems due to reasonable circumstances, you may be able to have a tax penalty reduced or eliminated. Tax lawyer David Coffin can review your tax problem and the circumstances surrounding your tax liability to provide straightforward advice on your legal options. If abatement or waiver is appropriate, Mr. Coffin can provide skillful representation in guiding you through your problem with the IRS.

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