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Tax Litigation And Controversies

At the law firm of David Coffin PLLC, based in Southlake, Texas, David Coffin and his fellow attorneys represent clients, whether in Dallas County, Tarrant County or across the state of Texas, in all levels of IRS tax controversies and litigation. David Coffin has more than 20 years of experience in tax law disputes. He gained valuable experience with the federal government as a lawyer representing the IRS for more than a decade. Now he devotes his entire practice to helping individuals, families and business owners resolve tax disputes with the IRS.

Let An Experienced Tax Lawyer Protect Your Rights In Your IRS Dispute

If you are facing a tough IRS controversy, the lawyer you choose can make a significant difference. David Coffin has experience in all stages of resolving tax controversies, including:

  • IRS audits and appeals. Whether you have received notice of an audit, a request from the IRS for additional information or are seeking to appeal an audit, specific rules and procedures must be followed. David Coffin, J.D., CPA, will diligently review your situation, provide sound advice based on his years of experience in representing the IRS and help you to protect your interests when facing an audit or appeal.

  • IRS collection activities. The IRS has tremendous power to garnish wages, impose levies or file liens and use other tactics to collect on a tax debt. David Coffin frequently helps clients resolve tax problems to reduce the impact of IRS collection efforts. He is well-versed in the rules and procedures recognized by the IRS. His knowledge as an experienced tax attorney is highly beneficial to you as he will explain if resolving a matter through litigation or agreeing to a payment plan is in your financial interest.

  • Litigating tax matters in federal courts. There are various options whereby a tax controversy may be taken to court. A tax case may be litigated in Tax Court, in federal district court, bankruptcy court or in the US Court of Federal Claims. David Coffin is experienced with tax litigation. He will clearly explain your options and the benefits of each different forum, and diligently apply his formidable trial skills to help you obtain the most favorable outcome.

Turn To The Experience Of A Former Trial Lawyer For The IRS To Resolve Your Tax Problem

To learn more how the law office of David Coffin PLLC can help you with your IRS tax problems, email the firm using the online contact form or call 817-756-1792.