Smart Solutions For Federal Tax Issues
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Installment Agreements

Many taxpayers accrue significant debt with the Internal Revenue Service. There are many ways a tax debt can grow beyond the means of a household budget. Self-employed individuals may overlook making estimated tax payments on a regular basis. Tax debt may accrue over several years, making paying the debt in a lump sum financially impossible. An adverse determination in an audit that an individual chooses not to appeal may leave a liability beyond the means of a taxpayer’s savings account.

Taxpayers who have fallen behind on paying the IRS have options to regain financial health. A delay in resolving a tax problem, however, likely will make matters worse as penalties and interest continue to grow.

At the law office of David Coffin PLLC in Southlake, solving complex tax problems with the IRS is the sole goal of the firm. Attorney David Coffin, J.D., CPA, helps individuals and businesses overcome federal tax problems every day. He provides comprehensive tax controversy and litigation representation for taxpayers in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex and throughout Texas. His firm provides practical solutions to complex IRS tax problems from the audit stage to settlement negotiations and in tax litigation.

Make Informed Decisions In Resolving Your IRS Tax Problems

Some taxpayers may best resolve their IRS tax debt by entering into an installment agreement. Mr. Coffin will review your entire financial situation, fully review your tax problem and provide straightforward advice on whether an installment plan is the best legal option for you. He will help you to make informed decisions on resolving your tax debt.

If a payment plan is appropriate, it is critical to arrive at a workable amount with the IRS. Paying too little in each installment will increase your overall cost as penalties and interest continue to accrue. Paying too much could leave you financially strapped.

Mr. Coffin is a certified public accountant and tax lawyer dedicated to offering Texans quality legal solutions to IRS matters. He offers free initial consultations and payment plans are available. For a confidential review of your tax debt matters, contact David Coffin PLLC using the online form or call 817-756-1792.