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What could trigger the IRS to send a CP3219A notice?

On Behalf of | Nov 30, 2023 | Tax |

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) sends numerous notices to citizens as reminders of their tax obligations. One noteworthy notice is the CP3219A, the Statutory Notice of Deficiency. This notice is issued when the IRS proposes changes to your tax return, leading to an increase in your tax liability. It’s crucial to understand the triggers for this notice and how to respond appropriately, as this can mitigate future tax complications and prevent any hindrance to your financial progress.

Factors that set off the notice

Receiving a CP3219A notice typically implies that the IRS has identified discrepancies on your tax return that need rectification, leading to you owing additional tax. This letter often follows certain scenarios that can trigger it, including:

  • Inconsistencies between your tax return and third-party information
  • Errors or omissions on your tax return
  • Outcomes from an audit
  • Unfiled tax returns

Every situation mentioned can potentially trigger a CP3219A notice. It is crucial that the information on your tax return aligns with the data the IRS receives from other sources, such as your employer or financial institution. For example, if you neglect to report income on your tax return that your employer reported to the IRS, this discrepancy could lead to the issuance of a CP3219A notice.

Responding to this notice

If an audit concludes with the IRS determining additional tax is due, you may receive a CP3219A notice. However, receiving this notice doesn’t mean you’ve reached a dead-end. On the contrary, it’s your cue to carefully review the notice, make the necessary corrections and move forward. If, after careful review, you disagree with the IRS’s proposed changes, you have the right to challenge them in Tax Court. In such instances, a lawyer experienced in tax audits can guide you through the process of responding correctly to a CP3219A notice. While this situation may seem daunting, it’s beneficial to take proactive, informed actions to ensure a brighter financial future.